We live in an age of accelerated technological progress the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Around the world, we are witnessing abrupt transformations of our social, economic, political and cultural systems. Societies, businesses and people are constantly exposed to information flows that are growing in intensity. This creates new challenges for decision makers, who need to focus on the relevant messages and filter out misleading information. Now more than ever, it is crucial to inform decisions through a profound understanding of consumers and societies.

At R-Insights, we believe that scientific knowledge is the greatest asset in the pursuit of improving human wellbeing. Data collected scientifically and systematically is crucial for strategic decision making and ensuring a positive impact. Having this in mind, we commit to guiding responsible decision makers in their journey and provide solutions that allow them to rely on science for making impact. 

We are an agency focused on generating Research Insights that catalyze evidence-based decision making across Armenia and beyond. We strive to have a meaningful impact on institutions and the lives of citizens by providing valuable research findings and actionable recommendations. 

Founded in 2010, our research agency offers the full-cycle of market and social research services based on international quality standards. We are a team of researchers passionate about exploring, discovering and analyzing.

Building on traditional research methodologies, we simultaneously harness innovative approaches to provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We rely on quantitative methodology to assess incidence of patterns, and apply qualitative methods to deep dive into unique cases, human stories and lifeworlds.

Our research strives to uncover consumer behavior patterns, outline major trends, disclose the opinions, feelings and knowledge of target groups, estimate the potential effects of actions that our partners are going to take and evaluate the results of previously taken measures to achieve enhanced strategies.

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We appeal to the values of accuracy, integrity, reliability, responsibility, client centricity and impartiality which are the cornerstones of our professional activities.


Acknowledging the fact that research insights have a huge role in the decisions made by our partners, we follow internationally accepted standards to deliver accurate data and findings.


We stress integrity as a guiding principle of our operations because we commit to produce insights that serve the highest benefits of main stakeholders and provide objective grounds for sound resolutions.


With our expertise, we are committed to establishing sustainable partnerships and guiding our clients in a complicated world of information overload.


We care about the image of the research industry. Therefore, we act responsibly when collecting and analyzing data. For this reason, we are devoted to the highest professional standards that have a longer and broader lifespan than our contractual commitments to clients.

Client centricity

We put the client at the center of our operations. We offer solutions and methodologies that best fit the clients’ needs and are aimed at providing substantial evidence for clients’ strategic decisions.


We strictly adhere to one of the basic values of the researcher’s ethical code: we assure impartiality and do not represent any political or other interest group.

Code of conduct

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