Position – Data Analyst
R-Insights Research Company is looking for a Data Analyst to develop insightful and comprehensive data analysis and reporting for social and market research projects. 

Schedule – Full time 

Main responsibilities

•    Methodology design for marketing and social research projects
•    Data collection tool design 
•    Programing and testing of online questionnaires
•    Database cleaning and data processing
•    Data analytics and preparation of compelling visualizations
•    Conducting statistical power calculations
•    Producing analytical reports in formats requested by partners
•    Communication of research results to internal and external stakeholders

Required qualifications

•    Master’s degree or Ph.D. in Sociology, Econometrics, Statistics, Data Science, Marketing, Political Science, or a related field
•    Substantial knowledge of research methodologies
•    Excellent knowledge of SPSS and MS Excel. Knowledge of Stata, R, Python, NVivo, and BI tools will be viewed as advantage
•    Demonstrated experience in conducting descriptive and inferential analytics (correlations, t-tests, proportion tests, multiple and logistic regressions, decision trees, clustering and dimensionality reduction methods, DID analysis etc.), preferably some experience with creating interactive dashboards
•    Fluency in Armenian, English, and Russian languages
•    Strong critical thinking skills and attention to detail
•    Excellent teamwork and communication skills
•    Strong desire to constantly learn and improve the skills

Application deadline – 15.10.2023

Data analyst

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