Required position 

Research specialist
R-Insights Research Company is looking for a research specialist to generate insights in the framework of social and market research projects. 

Schedule- Full time 

Main responsibilities

• Methodology design for marketing and social research projects, including definition of research goals, objectives, target groups, methods and sample
• Data collection tool design for marketing and social research projects
• Oversight over data quality control processes based on regulations established by the Company
• Quality check of interim datasets
• Status reports and briefs to the key stakeholders
• Primary data analysis
• Preparation of analytical reports and consulting the clients based on analytical insights
• Public presentations of research results
• Continuous review of developments in international research industries, innovative methods and tools, integration of innovative approaches into business processes of the Company

Required qualifications

• Higher education or qualification in Research methods, Sociology, Marketing, Economics, Ethnography and other related fields
• Substantial knowledge of research methodologies and methods
• Substantial knowledge of the key principles of research management
• At least 2 years of experience in research work 
• Excellent communication and time management skills
• Profound knowledge  MS Word, PPT, Excel of SPSS. Ability to work with Stata, R, Python, NVivo, and BI tools will be viewed as an advantage.
• Fluency in Armenian and English languages, fluency in Russian will be viewed as an advantage

Required personal characteristics

• Sense of responsibility
• Proactivity
• Strong focus on quality of works 
• Strong desire to constantly learn and improve the skills
• Collaborative attitude and politeness 

Application deadline – 15.11.2023

Application procedure

All interested candidates are welcome to send ther CV to our e-mail address. Please mention “Research specialist” in the subject line of your e-mail. 

Research specialist

You can submit your resume for consideration.

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