SBCC formative research insights were submitted to WFP in Armenia


In 2019-2020 R-Insights Research Company implemented Social & Behavioral Change Communications (SBCC) formative research project commissioned by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The qualitative research aimed at understanding knowledge, attitudes and practices related to food consumption, barriers to changes in food consumption habits among the target audiences, reasons of those barriers, motivations and emotional hooks for healthy dietary choices.

Based on the 2018 National Strategic Review, WFP in Armenia recognized food insecurity and malnutrition as two key concerns for the country. These concerns brought for WFP to foresee a strategic investment in the establishment of nutrition-sensitive food value chains and the eradication of food insecurity and malnutrition in the country. In response to existing negative dietary habits of Armenians, the UN WFP initiated an SBCC formative research that supports the Social and Behavior Communication Strategy and intervention development and through a competitive procurement process selected R-Insights Research Company to conduct a nationwide qualitative research. 

The research combined the methods of in-depth and key informant interviews with direct observations in households. Overall, 90 units of interviews and observations have been implemented with adult men and women, parents of school-aged children, children/adolescents aged between 12-18 years old, small holder farmers, healthcare professionals and social workers.

The interviews and observations covered such topics as food purchase and consumption habits in Armenian households, perceptions of healthy diets, motivations and barriers of practicing healthy dietary habits etc. Principles of Grounded Theory were used throughout the research study to guide sampling, data gathering, and data analysis. 

The research resulted in a detailed analytical report providing insights on food shopping, cooking, and consumption, motivations, attitudes and barriers among certain target groups. 

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