Audience measurement research

How can you optimize your media strategy without knowing what your audience is watching, when and where they are engaged?

There is a broad range of new digital channels available, and these have disrupted traditional media platforms. In this context, information on audience preferences and trends in personalization are crucial for media communicators.

Our audience measurement research quantifies actual media consumption by type, device and demographics. It will give a comprehensive picture of the timeframes, frequency, places and methods your customers are using to access content and advertising. Our combination of traditional survey methods and recent digital advances provides comprehensive and rich information on a range of aspects for audience measurement. 

R-Insights gives you access to audience measurement insights that allow you to accurately: 

  • Understand the virtues of individual media with your audiences.
  • Identify the main types of media consumed by your target groups, and their consumption habits.
  • Optimize your media strategy.

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