Concept testing research

How can you test a product idea before even developing your final product?

Concept testing research exposes your idea to potential users and gathers their feedback. It is most often used during the product development stage to test the potential success of a new product idea before it is marketed. Concept tests provide the direction and guidance necessary to identify and communicate key product and service benefits and uses, as well as product specific features such as packaging, advertising, sales approaches, product information, distribution, and pricing.

Concept tests also help keep the product development budget low by adopting only winning concepts to build the most promising products.

R-Insights provides concept test research that allows you to:  

  • Assess the absolute or relative appeal of alternative product ideas, configurations, prepositions.
  • Indicate concentrated segments of the population to which the product appeals.
  • Obtain necessary information for developing the product and its promotion, distribution, and pricing.

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