Employee satisfaction and engagement research

How can you keep your employees engaged and satisfied, ensuring high performance and company success?

In a world of increased mobility and agility, where people change jobs faster than ever, your company faces the constant risk of costs and losses through employee churn. Valuable insights on the levels of employee satisfaction and engagement empower you to make informed decisions on how to work with your employees and align them with your company’s goals. 

R-Insights uses advanced statistical modelling, delivering data on key indicators such as:

  • Satisfaction of your employees with the economic conditions, leadership, content of work, social environment, etc.
  • Satisfaction with work attributes and your employees’ perception of ideal working conditions.
  • The factors that motivate your employees to stay satisfied and outperform.
  • The reasons behind decreased employee engagement.
  • Employees most likely to churn and potential reasons for churn.

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