Customer experience research

How can you understand the needs of your customers and track the experiences they have when using...

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Customer satisfaction and loyalty research

How can you retain your existing customers, so that you don’t have to keep investing more money in customer acquisition costs?

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Net Promoter Score

Is there a simple way to understand how loyal your customers are towards your company and competitors?

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Mystery Shopper Research

How can you experience your company’s service through your customers’ eyes? Quality of service can be crucial...

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User experience research

How can you ensure that any new product you launch will engage your customers? In order to succeed in the market...

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Brands and communications

Usage and Attitude Research

How can you learn about your company’s position among competitors in order to make your marketing strategy more effective?

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Brand Health Research

How do you know if your brand is achieving its targets and driving sales for your company? Brand health research...

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Ad testing

How can you make sure you spend your advertising budget effectively, especially when launching a new campaign? Ad testing is a...

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Ad Tracking

How do you know if your advertisements are having an impact? Ad tracking is the process of collecting data and user insights on the...

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Reputation audit

Have you ever felt the need for impartial evidence about the status of your company’s reputation? You are exposed to a...

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Package testing research

Does your product stand out in the market and capture your customers’ attention? Successful packaging is crucial...

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Product testing research

How can you be sure that you are developing a successful product? Product testing is the most effective way of...

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Concept testing research

How can you test a product idea before even developing your final product? Concept testing research exposes your...

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Target market and competitor analysis

How can you conquer the market if you do not have any in-depth knowledge of target market and key players? Target market...

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Market segmentation research

How can you clearly distinguish between the different target groups available in the market? Consumers these days are...

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Retail audit

Can you be sure that your brands and products are effectively displayed in retail outlets? Even with increasing e-commerce...

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Employers and employees

Employee satisfaction and engagement research

How can you keep your employees engaged and satisfied, ensuring high performance and company success? In a world of...

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Employer reputation and branding research

How can you become an employer of choice, attracting and retaining the most highly qualified and talented people in the labor market?...

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Employee relationship and turnover analysis

How can you get accurate information about the causes of employee turnover, if nobody in your team will tell you that they are planning...

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Media analytics

Media monitoring

What can you do to track how your company is covered by the media and stay one step ahead of public sentiment? It is no secret that...

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Audience measurement research

How can you optimize your media strategy without knowing what your audience is watching, when and where they are engaged?

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