Media monitoring

What can you do to track how your company is covered by the media and stay one step ahead of public sentiment?

It is no secret that a perfectly planned campaign that promised tremendous success can be derailed because of an unfavorable news article published by competitors and unhappy customers or journalists. Given the constant overflow of information, it is crucial to keep on top of this coverage across the offline and social media. 

Media monitoring research will help you keep track of the media coverage related to you, a campaign, or your company as whole.  

R-Insights offers media monitoring and content analysis that provides key insights on: 

  • Sentiment analysis, tone of the content.
  • Key messages, frequency of mentions per key messages.
  • Quality of content.
  • Theme and subtheme of the content.
  • Recent newsbreaks.
  • Main sources of the content.
  • Headings in media.
  • Geography.
  • Authors.
  • Date and time of publication.

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