Package testing research

Does your product stand out in the market and capture your customers’ attention?

Successful packaging is crucial for differentiating your products from competitors, especially at the point of sale. Package testing can be utilized for both new and existing brands and products. It can help you evaluate newly-designed packaging options, their functionality, visibility, and how they compare to your competitors in the market.

Package testing can be carried out through both qualitative and quantitative research, in lifelike shopping environments, both in-store and online. 

R-Insights delivers package testing research to provide answers to these questions: 

  • How well does your product packaging perform in terms of visibility and differentiation?
  • How well is the packaging you have chosen associated with the product category and brand?
  • How does your packaging affect your brand image?
  • How successfully does your packaging communicate brand values?
  • How does your packaging impact customers’ purchase decisions?

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